Wednesday, May 30, 2012

// XOX //

I owe you a big big thank you
In two weeks over 40 000 of you
have been reading 3 BY FRYD
Oh, you make me happy!
The flowers are for you

These days my final touches are laid on
Blogging Your Way 2.0 lessons
I am SO looking forward to start on Friday

And another sweet secret
but I have to wait until tomorrow
I think...
I can barley wait!
jumping heartbeats



Elina said...

I love your blog. Always beautiful photos!

Caroline@trend-daily said...

Gorgeous Jeanette-it's our pleasure to read your blog! So excited about Friday with u and Holly @decor8 and your secret tomorrow?!!! Caroline :-)

Unknown said...

love everything you do!

anyaadores said...

YAY congrats sweet Jeanette - we are here because you rock. Simple as :)
And I am seeing you on BYW2 - very exciting indeed,

BO said...

Du er så flink! Kjempekjekt å følga deg!
Ha ein gode dag og takk for blomen! ;-)

Almalu's Place said...

You totally deserve this Jeanette!!
Hope everything's fine!

Unknown said...

Thank you for your beautiful blog, magazine, you make me happy with your lovely work, congratulations!, xoxo

Die Schaubude said...

Your blog is beautiful ;) greetings tani

McMGrad89 said...

J, I am always impressed by the imagery in Fryd. This did not disappoint. Just beautiful and inspiring.


Cherry Blossom Blog said...

magisk stemning
her inne hos

Nordic Bliss said...

I can't wait for it to start! It has been perfectly timed during my two week holiday so I can really enjoy and make use of everything you and Holly will teach us! YEAY!

ReVinyl said...

Nydelig magasin som er en FRYD å lese :) Vel fortjent, fine du!!

Så spennende med nytt prosjekt...
Kan nesten ikke vente, så nyskjerrig som jeg er...hehe.

Gode tanker...

funkytime said...

tell me tell me!

EricaSta said...

Dear Jeanette,
it's always your good - so lovely style ... Love your Blog!

Sunny greetings, by


andreavictorylacasse said...

You're so inspiring! Thank you!

dressed by style said...

I'm so thrilled you're one of our guest teachers, Jeanette! Your blog has always been one on my favourites...hip hip hooray! xo Megan

Unknown said...

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