Friday, May 25, 2012


outside the sun is shining
my garden is green and in full bloom
the sound of happy kids playing in the water
the smell of sunscreen
eating slow food under the umbrella
summer has arrived

inside souvenirs from London
tea packaging so nice
I had to cut them out
for display

I hope you have some
sweet summer joy

{ F R Y D = J O Y }


Igor Josifovic said...

This is so cute & summery and the pics are beautiful!! I had to smile since I once did the same thing. I had great tea packaging from London and after using up the tea I cut out the packaging cover and used it as a bookmark:-) Have a great weekend!!

Karin said...

We have the same gorgeous weather. Isn't it amazing? Love your photographs, as always. xx

Unknown said...

Your blog make me happy!, enjoy your summer,xoxo

Tracey said...

lovely happy sunny weekend.

Eleni Psyllaki said...

So sweet Jeanette =)
As it seems, good weather is all around Europe apart from Crete! We're cloudy today but you bring us some of your sunshine with your posts!

wood & wool stool said...

very joyful colors indeed! happy weekend Jeanette Xx

Toni said...

Even though I tend to stick to a grey and white colour scheme I LOVE pretty flowers and your lovely summery pictures are so cute.

Ingeborg said...

Nydelige bilder og vakre ord, som alltid:)

Ønsker deg ei god pinse, fortsett å nyte dagene:)

Anonymous said...

You create such poetry with your words and captures. Also, congratulations for the divinely beautiful 'BY FRYD 3'. Loved each page! Thank you for sharing your creativity and your world with us.
We are having a true Indian Summer here. Have a joyful weekend!

EricaSta said...

Your style is fantastic .. I like this ..

... We have Pfingsten here in Germany .. now wishing you a happy weekend ..


Unknown said...

So welcome to have the warmth of the sun
And soon the flowers will be in bloom too
I miss the roses so much!
Love kat x

anyaadores said...

Gorgeous pictures Jeanette - we are having the same beautiful weather, sunshine in my hair, seasalt in the air - and happy girls with pretty dresses.
Happy weekend,

HeppieHermpie said...

Hey! We have got some beautiful, warmly summer(spring)-days!! We have been on a little holiday! But now, it is a little bit cold.. some rain..
Your photo's are beauties again :))
With love from Holland

anu @ affairwithinteriors said...

It's so nice to hear that you have summer - with your words you created a lovely picture of summer joy into my mind :) I can't wait it to arrive to Estonia too.. a week ago it was quite promising, but now i need to wear my woolen sweater again....

Unknown said...

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