Friday, May 18, 2012

// IN THE AIR //

My bags are packed
My speak is done
I´m ready for The Hive

I´m staying at the Cosmo Hotel
and it looks lovely

// s m i l e //

I will update you visually
on my stay
with my Instagram & twitter

Thank you for every visit and word
has reached 16 000 views
you make me smile

Wish you a lovely weekend

{ S M I L E S & L O V E }


tinajo said...

Enjoy - wish I´d knew about this earlier because I would so love to go. Will be nice to see all about it on blogs though! :-)

Unknown said...

Lovely :)

Mojosanti - Pretty Paper Things said...

That's wonderful!!!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Have a great time! Safe travels. xx

loppelilla said...

Fantastisk!! Riktig god tur ut i verda:))) Fryd 3 er ein nytelse!!:)) Stor klem*

HeppieHermpie said...

Enjoy your time ♥ Make more beautiful pictures ;)) So you can!
With love, Herma

Fjeldborg said...

God tur og masse lykke til! Jeg skal tenke hardt på deg og sende good vibrations;)

Ida said...

JIPPI! Ett nytt magasin, det hadde gått meg hus forbi! Skal NYTES straks jeg er ferdig med bloggerunden ;-D
Jeg elsker magasiner ditt.. det er så flott! Hver eneste side får meg til å smile, dessuten får jeg kriblinger i fingrene etter å sette i gang med noen DIY's :-)


Klemmer fra Ida

gillar girl said...

i have just discovered your site from a photo of yours in my houzz ideabook. it is lovely and i'm so happy to have found it.

twinkilingeyes said...

i followed on twiiter because i can't wait to see your view of Berlin since i am not on instagram...have a great trip :) waiting for your updates!

bella celestial said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Unknown said...

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Rebecca said...

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