Thursday, September 30, 2010


Your sweet words & thoughts
It all went so well

{ S M I L E }

I´m sorry for the lack of posts lately
It´s just that I have been so busy
teaching - freelancing - presentations - photo shoots - ezine 2. by FRYD
+ secrets

Lots of love on a late Thursday night

{ L O V E }


Elizabeth @rosalilium said...

That shade of green on the porch is lovely. I'll definitely need to add it to my pinterest board. Thanks for sharing.

annette said...

what beautiful colors. congratulations on all the things keeping you busy!

Nanna said...

I love this one!

Emilies interiør said...

Beautiful pictures - I just love your blog!

Ylva said...

ser fram emot ett avslöjande av "sectrets" framöver. Ska bli spännande att se vad det är för ett projekt :)

Leah said...

This color is so lovely!


Milla said...

LOVE your blog, it's so cute!