Sunday, July 22, 2012


It´s holiday and slow motion in this house
Wonderful days in Gothenburg & Liseberg
Celebrating Mr. G turning 40
Friends & family
Breakfast at the patio
Life is good
So good
But soon back
in ordinary paste

// s m i l e //

One of my passions
Many of you ask which camera I use
I want to tell you about my new little friend
I´m in love

Canon let me lend and test this camera

So tiny, so easy
Makes me take more photos on the go
Great zoom and great in dim light
Cool colors
Makes me happy

All the photos above are shoot with IXUS 500
and are sponsored by Canon

but this is such great addition

{ s m i l e & l o v e }


caroline @trend-daily said...

Gorgeous photos as always Jeanette. Lovely to use the new Canon! :-) Caroline x

Emelie said...

Love the pastelle chair on the 1st pic. Maybe I should paint mine ...

Almalu's Place said...

that tiny camera can do those wonderful images?! well, it must be your hand!! :)

tinajo said...

Great pics, how fun that you got to play a little with a new camera! :-)

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Great shots with the new camera! Meow!!! :)

found and sewn said...

Love the first photo. What a beautiful room. I'm just planning to paint my vintage ercol chairs.

littlekarstar said...

How did you get such perfect light and blurring on the little point n click? What setting did you use it on? Thank you!!

anyaadores said...

Love the new Ixus - I have a pocket Sony - also a fab friend in the pocket:)

Håber du had haft en dejlig summer Jeanette - og har nydt at have fri med pigerne dine.
Knus Anya xxx

Axel said...

whats the name of that big blue flower? My mom always had those whan i was small. It wwould be awesome to be able to plant those again.

Axel SHeminredning

jeremy said...

Im transforming mine similar to this.

window sensors

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