Thursday, June 14, 2012


hi & hello
in between styling, photography and teaching online
tomorrow is actually my last day teaching at "BYW2"
it´s been just wonderful and I loved every moment!

this amazing issue of Mollie Makes
with a sweet thank you note from Jane the editor
landed in my mailbox the other day
if you love craft
you love Mollie Makes

and if you love color and flowers
you love Amy Butler

her work is breathtaking pretty
makes me dream
and my heart sing

reading that she likes my blog
made me so happy and proud
happy as a child
can be

your first birthday
Mollie Makes

{  H A P P Y  H A P P Y   W E D N E S D A Y  }


caroline @trend-daily said...

I can see why Amy would love your work Jeanette-2 very talented ladies. I adore what she does and her home is absolutely stunning. Another very inspiring designer. Mollie Makes is a regular buy for me now!
I'm off to look up all your questions and answers on BYW-thank you for wonderful lessons. You'll be missed xx

Catherine said...

Jeanette, your work is so inspiring and I have loved having you as a teacher. Thank you for everything! xo

Toni @ Skandivis said...

Jeanette will miss you loads on BYW! Will make sure to be checking in on your lovely sunshiny post though xx

eat cake said...

Thank you for all of your insight and inspiration on BYW. I have loved every minute of it...

Anonymous said...

What a lovely issue! And thank you so much for your lessons, insights and advise on BYW2. You are truly an inspiration and motivated me to continue blogging and to try new things. I'll be following your blog and e-magazine and hope to meet you in person some day.

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Unknown said...

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