Tuesday, April 17, 2012


just a few snapshots
from wonderful days
in London

yesterdays anticipation
today happy memories

it always amazes me
how the moment
constantly changes

happily living

{ S M I L E S }


tinajo said...

Awesome pics, LOVE the first one! :-)

Squeak & Squirrel said...

So beautiful.

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

I love your snaps! Disappointed we didn't get to meet but pleased you had a wonderful time here! Hugs. xo

Tracey said...

Love the Millenuim Bridge!

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures! have a great day!.

Unknown said...

Love the first image

strikk handknits said...

Great pics indeed. Amazing always how different London looks to different people. So special :-)

Pet said...

Oh, London atmosphere is just so well captured, and with only 3 pictures!

Zopp Design said...

Flotte bilder :9

Vi har en liten give away gående. Kom innom og trekk et lodd eller fler da vel :)

Lisa Pocklington said...

you capture London beautifully - not that that's any surprise! Hope you had a wonderful time at Selina's book launch too. Been looking for you on Instagram - what's your tag?

Paula-Jo said...

I love the "mood" of these photographs!!!! Wish i could take photo's like that!!

twinkilingeyes said...

uhhhhh i wish i could pack up my bags and be on my way to London :(:(:

caroline said...

Wonderful shots! I really should make the effort to take some as I only live half an hour away! Glad you enjoyed-sorry about our weather!

Unknown said...

gorgeous pics....love the last one advertising eton mess, one of my favourites

have a lovely weekend x

cheap gothic lolita dresses said...

Love the shoots!Really amazing pics!

Unknown said...

Fabulous photos! You might like this series, which I stumbled upon while researching my last trip to London (pre-Olympics!): http://www.smart-urban-stage.com/change-of-view-voting/ I love seeing the way others view places I then see, myself. Thanks again for yours!

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