Sunday, January 22, 2012


One sweet lady
a phonecall
this is the result

her mom
once a female tailor

now in my house

weekday angels

// J O Y //


tinajo said...

Lucky you, such nice things! :-)

Karen said...

angels giving again to others through their lovely photos....

HeppieHermpie said...

Wow!! Lucky you!! Things with a story.. and you can make it go on!!
love, Herma

designhund said...

så flott!!
heldige deg:)

HannasHörna said...

Vilka härliga bilder! Kram o trevlig söndag

Svenja said...

so nice pictures, i wish i could sew .. :)
have a nice day, svenja


Apartment no.12 said...

Thanks you for a nice and inspiring blog. Always such lovely pictures.

Thea :)

Spire said...

Lucky,lucky girl!
Ha en finfin søndag.

call me debbie said...

Oh i wish i had a sewing machine, however for no reason i have a collection of colourful reels! :D

(Pls check my new blog guys: )

jolanda said...

Enjoy it, I love these pictures.

Greetings, Jolanda

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

I did some sewing this afternoon so this is perfect!

Maaike said...

Lucky you Jeannette! I am already curious to see what you are going to make with these beauties...


a jane day. said...

Just lovely!
Can't wait to see what you create!

deb said...

Wow, such a lovely thing to receive. Show us if you sew anything! xx

Promosyon said...

This all fabrics,buttons are look in the picture is wonderful.All different color of thread is look awesome.

petit-♥-ange said...

How nice to receive....can't wait to see what you make..xx

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