Thursday, December 1, 2011

// YES! //

For a while now
I´ve been looking for the perfect
dining chair

I LOVE Charles & Ray Eames
Their dining chairs are a style icon
and it´s in almost every designer home
I adore the one with wooden base
maybe someday
in my office
that would look really nice

Then suddenly a new product
on HAY´s shop
I can not get it out of my mind

I´m in love

// smile //

must admit
I´m a regular guest here
Simply love
the style & atmosphere

all I dream of now
is 6 x J110
for X-mas

... one would do too

// big smile //


Igor Josifovic said...


Elina said...

Jag helt enkelt älskar din blogg, så mycket fint här inne! Kram Elina

Rosetrend said...

Den som leter den finner :) Stilig, det er den.

McMGrad89 said...

That is a lovely chair. Hope Santa Claus reads your wish list.

Marit said...

Oh, den kunne jeg tenkt meg i grått til barnerommet. Lurer på om den er god å sitte i...

Iris Vank said...

They look so much like the tapiovaara-chairs: I love them!

wood & wool stool said...

Hay chairs are wonderful. Stylish & Danish! We have a Hay Hee (sounds funny) Lounge chair and it's white simple en perfect. (bought it for the garden but it never left the living)
This one would suit perfect in yours.

Cherry Blossom Blog said...

mollie makes er i hus.
fantastisk fiiiin kalender du har laget. me love <3
skal opp på veggen på nyåret
-for sure!

Ragnhild said...

Heia. Så fin kalenderen din i Molly Makes var :)