Saturday, November 12, 2011

// S E R E N I T Y //

Somehow these photos
makes me want to whisper


full of them

My lamp from Granit
finally up

Tiny Christmas tree from the woods

Cones from the garden
my new vases from Sostrene Grene

Wish you a wonderful weekend

{ x o }


Jorid + NOE Blog said...

Nydelig! Love it :))

Ønsker deg en fin helg videre skjønneste!

Klem J

Eldrid said...

Love it! så delikat og herlig inspirasjon!
Fin helg til deg


greenbeenfood said...

very beautiful!

Jess said...

I love the mirror!

found and sewn said...


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

I love, love, love the light chain, Jeanette! Yay for the Holidays! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Bird said...

Herlighet så vakkert! Du er virkelig flink til å ta bilder!

Ella said...

That brightness and softness is just perfect. I am truly happy to have found this blog. Looking forward to seeing more lovely posts.

Marita Bliss said...

Fantastisk ♥
Den lille tufsete grana var utrolig søt !

Romi said...

Oh My GOODNESS! your blog is taking my breath away!!!!!!!!!! This is beautiful!! I recently bought my first place and I sure will be visiting your blog often! I'm following you now and hope we can follow each other. :)

Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog

Lisette said...

Har lagt igjen et lite spor hos deg, at jeg liker siden din:=) Har lagt meg som følger, ses innom hos meg neste gang?

Stéphanie Rousseau said...

so beautiful!

Karianne Vikse said...

Love your blogspot and your pictures are amazing.
I really like it her.

Mvh Karianne

Jackie S said...

I truly love these images. It reinforce peace, love, and gentle-kindness from God to us.

Di said...

Looks beautiful. I love the script font treatment too... what is it?

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