Saturday, November 26, 2011


first day of Christmas
a candle will be lit
for joy 

// smile // 

then  Christmas fairs
with  happy & joyful children 
+ Santa Claus
are waiting for us 

// smile + laughter // 

home again
and my gingerbread is ready 
to be baked 

this year 
four small houses
we are making our own 
little Lunde-village 

// double smile //

Oh how I wish you 


Scrappellen said...

såå koselig da, Jeanette!:) Ønsker dere alle 4 en koselig 1.søndag i advent..og gi nissen en klem fra meg;)
Klem fra tante Ellen

Eden (Three Toad Circus) said...

We certainly are entering into the most lovely time of year :) Lovely image!

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