Sunday, November 20, 2011


This stool is so lovely
It breaks my heart

So lovely I was not sure
to tell you about it

// smile //

You see
it won´t ship to Norway
so I´m not able to buy

I bought it
can not stop smiling

But I guess some other 
sweet & wonderful person
will love this stool 
as I do
and give it 
a warm & gentle home

Sweet wonderful friends
thank you
for all your warming words 
on my earlier post
You put a smile one my face



Deborah said...

Such a lovely stool :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

twiggs said...

it is indeed one beautiful stool!! it would be so beautiful in your home! sigh! have a beautiful day!!

Unni Strand said...

I think you just have to ask Ingrid if she can ship it to Norway and it will be solved.
She shipped one for me to Norway last year.
So I have one of her wonderful stools upstairs and I love it!

design elements said...

beautiful and authentic - my fav combination. Happy Sunday

wood & wool stool said...

what a wonderful idea that soon this stool will be living in your house! x (big proud smile)

Banebakken said...

Så NYDELIG den var!!! Vakker, rett og slett : ) Grattis!!!

susana@citrusandorange said...

One day I will have one of Ingrid's stool too... I love them!! :)

Unknown said...

Bravo on making it yours, it's so lovely and pretty!

CV Love said...

So cuteeeee

Anne Nowak said...

Its beautiful!!! Thanks Anne

LADY HAGUA 2010 said...

Si a ti te gusta, felicitaciones!
Contra gusto no hay nada escrito!
Te deseo una feliz semana¡
Gracias por compartir!