Friday, October 28, 2011


Finally I got hold of one
Five pages of me and my blog
So nice
Simply wonderful

The magazine is filled with
the best of
ideas & photos
wonderful design and colors

I´ve just finnished some work for
I´m so lucky
to meet so many nice people
through my blog

I will tell you more about it
when I can
* * * * *


K R I S T I I N A said...

wow that was indeed a nice surprise! So creative! great!

TESSAS MAT said...

Oj.. Hvor får man kloa i dette bladet? Så veldig fristende ut. Også så gøy med reportasje om deg. :o)

ReVinyl said...

Bildene var skikkelig fine.
Er det et gammelt blad?

Jeg har begynt å abonnere nå og fikk det første nr 5. Kunne både tenkt meg det nr med deg og dottie. Vet ikke om det går an å etterbestille...

Finaste hælga te dæ! :) Siw

Rose and Lula said...

Hello, I've come to see your blog after reading such a lovely article in Mollie Makes. The photos and the interview make inspiring reading! Congratulations on such amazing work!

found and sewn said...

How wonderful! what great photos x

Portofritt said...

Det er fantastisk! Og jeg kan skrive under på at bladet er fint - ikke minst artikkelen om deg. Selvsagt! ;)

Madelief said...

It looks like a great magazine! Wish we could buy it here in Holland.

Happy weekend,


McMGrad89 said...

Your work keeps popping up everywhere. Love seeing it.

Kaylovesvintage said...

one of my fav magazines in the moment

TheMuscatoHansens said...

LOVE Mollie Makes and LOVE your blog and spirit! Such an exciting collaboration! Wish I had a subscription and you as a neighbor :)

leslie said...

Congratulations! I can not wait to get this issue and see it in person! You do such beautiful work. xo

twiggs said...

beautiful, you looks just beautiful on this magazine! i wish i could read this as well! :) will look for more info though! you are so elegant!!! hugs! twiggs

Anonymous said...


Anniken Zahl said...

Nydelig, og så spennende!! Flinke dama!! WOW!!

Unknown said...

I got the magazine last week and so far I must have read your interview three or four times :-) it's so refreshing and inspiring...

Unknown said...

The spreads look gorgeous! Congratulations, its a great, inspiring mag!

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