Thursday, October 20, 2011

// GREY //

A while ago
Someone told me,
well not only me
all of us
that this fall I had to paint my home in grey

// one.  I hate when someone tells me what to do!
// two.  I LOVE my white
            because it makes me feel free & happy

So what am I doing with a big bucket of grey paint in my hand for?

Only a cabinet and some chairs
Thats it
Promised myself

she was right

but I still hate
when someone tells me what to do

{ S M I L E }



He, he det der var god lesing ;)
Hvitt er NYDELIG, grått også!
Tror du klarer å begrense deg med glans jeg...
Klem May Helen

Elina said...

Fint! :-)

Margit said...

I just love your pictures - everything is filled with passion and inspiration.

creative tail

Deniz said...

i agree hate it when someone tells me what to do-- but for grey i'll make an exception any day!

gonnabe40 said...

i love your whites too :)
i think you should stick to whatever
makes you happy!
at all seasons...

ReVinyl said...


Fordi om man maler sitt eget hjem grått, trenger man ikke å prakke det på andre....
Lett antennelig jeg? NOT ;) Hehe...

Hvitt er flott og det er jammen meg grått også, men ditt hjem er slit dere vil ha det.

Fine daga te dæ! :) Siw

Åshild - prydeligbloggen said...

tror jeg skjønner hvilken person du sikter til, hihi. Hun sa jo ganske mange andre ting også... :) God dag til deg!

twiggs said...

ahaha, i hate when people do that when i have my camera and someone says "you should take a picture of that!" ARGH! :) well, you are still a great inspiration and to be honest... i am thinking about grey too, but not on all walls, not even close... maybe one or two! hugs!

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