Sunday, April 10, 2011


Doors & windows
From still amazing Prague
Never have I walked
with my nose up in the sky
this much

{ S M I L E }

We have a tradition at my school
to take the students to Prague
We use this great Norwegian company that I would like to tell you about
til Europa
The apartments are in all sizes
and are in the center of Prague
They have great guides that takes you through the city
Our guide even new Norwegian and gave us a wonderful tour
Thank you Andrea

If you´re going to Prague
Check out this post from the sweet blog
A few things from my life

Happy happy Sunday!

{ L O V E }


Anonymous said...

I have been to Prague and it is truly lovely. I am very fortunate to have friends that live there. Thanks for the photos they are great.

julie digs design said...

lovely photos! Makes e want to get up and travel so bad!!

Cheers from Boston! -julie

cafenoHut said...

unique photos. I have never been to Prague, but after seeing your post I would like to go there as soon as possible.

Vi said...

Beautiful impressions - thanks for showing!

LatteLisa said...

your photos are bringing back so many wonderful memories from Prague, thank you ;-)

McMGrad89 said...

sounds like a great tour.

I love how you paired these photos by color family. Beautiful. I hope your neck isn't sore from looking up so much.


Ahhhh! Fantastiske bilder! Har lyst til å sette meg på første og beste fly;))

Ha en fin, ny uke!


Michelle Lee said...

beautiful inspirations

Belichek said...

Beautiful pictures)) today I'll post a magnolia, which is next to a taxi, but all flowered)

Elina said...

Härliga bilder!

Frederikke & Sara... said...

Beautiful pictures♥


Lidyll said...

Nyyyydelige bilder!*smile*

Anastasia Marie said...

I absolutely adore your photography!

Fhager said...

Flotte bilder! Drømmer meg bort! Har så lyst til å reise til Praha! Tror neste Europa tur får gå dit!

Takk for att du deler!


A Dog Posing said...

Vakre foto!! Vakker sammensetting! Nå fikk jeg lyst å oppleve Praha! Men først Barcelona... blir ikke feil det heller ;) xM

found and sewn said...

I love Prague, especially in Spring

Lisa Mackay said...

So beautiful - I love Prague in the springtime. Thank you for these lovely shots, I love how you put them together. Your blog is so visually rewarding. :)

Unknown said...

These are wonderful pictures.I've never been to Prague, but now I would love to!Elsa

Inger Johanne said...

Praha er verkeleg ein nydeleg by! Og sjølv om eg var der med mine medstudentar for over 10 år sidan, så trur eg sikkert me har hatt same guiden!! Det var òg ei Andrea - som snakka norsk:-)

Knallfine bilder i posten over her - lykke til med å finne din "nisje"!


Rhônya Holman said...

AMAZING PHOTOS! I never been to Prague, seems like a very lovely city. By the way your blog is beautiful and creative... Keep up the great work, and positives vibes.

Cheers! =(^.^)=

Unknown said...

beautiful photos :)

Peony and Thistle said...

fabulous photos! Thanks for sharing!

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