Sunday, March 20, 2011


...soon up on my wall
I just got my photos from Picturewall
My heart jumped when I opened my package
Love at first sight

I know
I´m the photographer
And this might have sounded like

It´s so differnt
to see your photos
your memories
your loved ones
On canvas
26 x 26 cm
In the greatest quality
I can´t wait to put my puzzle together
Hang it up on my wall

Sweet joy!

{ L O V E }


Anonymous said...

Nydelig collage <3

Inger Johanne said...

Nydelege bilder, stemningar!


McMGrad89 said...

Some of my favorite photos. A nice gift to yourself.

ReVinyl said...

Hærlig! Blir spennende å se det oppe på veggen!!

Det er noe helt annet å få lerretet i hendene.

Rørende vakkert rett og slett...Klæm

Kaisas mamma said...

Nydelig, Jeanette!! Herlige jenter:)

Deer Darling said...

Så fine bilder! Dette gjør seg nok på veggen ja:)

petra said...

fantastic! :)

MiaNostalgia said...

Nydelige bilder og collage!

Elina said...

Å vad fint!

Nina said...


Fhager said...

Så vakre bilder! Det er noe helt annet å se bildene på lerret! Blir spennede å se resultatet!


buyaionaccount said...

Inspirational thats it! The kind of canvas that one would never get tired of looking at with a smile. Its an endearing art close to your soul.

Eli Betten said...

Oj, så kult! Det vil jeg også prøve!! :) Du tar, som alltid, nydelige bilder :)

Petra said...

Great photo's. Be proud on your selve. Regards, Petra

TheMuscatoHansens said...

Oh my! You are always so inspiring! Thank you for the opportunity!

Anonymous said...

All the pictures look super pretty! They will look amazing on the wall!

Camila F.

Anne Elisabeth said...

Your blog is so inspiring!

Jorid + NOE Blog said...

Nydelig! :) Takk for inspirasjon, jeg lengter etter sommeren!


Haust said...

Aldeles nydeleg!!! ♥

Fortsatt god onsdag...

purple fairy said...

so sweet !

u said...

Ja det förstår jag! Underbart bildkollage.

Ulrika said...

oh I sent away that comment too fast.. I'm u :)

Unknown said...

beautiful photographs, love that collage. x

Anonymous said...

Oh, the photocollage is nice :) It reminds me of an ixxi~ like your blog! <3

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