Monday, October 11, 2010


Right now the electrician is here
Jippi...light upstairs

At the same time the hall is being renovated
The staircase is gone
Though it was good looking
It was not safe
The hall is getting new wardrobe
in old style
I´m really looking forward
to hide all jackets and shoes
To many of them

{ S M I L E }

I have autumn break
Nice to be a teacher
Off to do some paint-work

{ B I G S M I L E }


Tina said... likes happy ladies... Nice

McMGrad89 said...

We don't get Autumn break. We will have three days off at the end of November then two weeks in December. Enjoy your break.

Beate said...

oi det blir spennende:) Gleder meg til å sjå:)

birdie blue said...

looks lovely!

Nanna said...

Har bara ett ord.... NICE!!!!

Anonymous said...

So lovely, feminine, and sweet. :) I didn't know you were a teacher, Jeanette. How fun!

Laminate Flooring Pro said...

Talk about a renovation! Your staircase was pretty, but if it was not safe, then, glad to hear you are getting a new one. Good luck with all the renovations :) enjoy your autumn break!

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