Thursday, October 28, 2010

* P R E P A R I N G *

For Christmas
Late November I´m joining a wonderful Christmas fair
So many sweet creative people
I´m really looking forward to it

I´ll bring my prints
Some old & many new

Here´s one
Saying Merry Christmas
In Norwegian

{ HO HO HO }


mi-rachel said...

utrolig fint!:)

Camilla said...

Kjempeflott! Jeg skal også på julemarked i år og gleder meg masse. :D

Victoria said...

I love this, so pretty and perfect for the season! Will you also sell it online?

ECLECchic said...


Traveling Mama said...

I cannot wait for the Christmas fairs! Don't you want to bring your photos to Copenhagen? :-)

Hvit Villa said...


Pretty Poodle said...

I love your photos ! So beautiful ! ´( ◠ ᴥ ◠ )`

Anniken Zahl said...

Lykke lykke til med produksjon!!
Skulle gjerne vært innom :)
Fiin søndag videre!

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