Sunday, April 18, 2010


Showing you some of Almas colorful toys
Makes me happy


Thank you for all of your sweet comments
I´m so sorry that I don´t get time to answer all of you back
Only so you know; it means a lot to me!

And sorry for the lack of posts here on the blog
I´m busy with the magazine
Sometimes thinking that it takes to much time
But I hope it will be worth it

Thank you for visiting me!

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please be a follower here or on FRYD + PUBLISH

Now I´m of, out in the garden

{ LOVE }


Unknown said...

Herlige farger ja!
-Og knallfint bord!
Ha en fin søndag i hagen. Håper du ikke blåser bort i snøstormen!

Klem Silje

McMGrad89 said...

Very cheerful.

I remember many years ago when I took some film to be developed, I found that my daughter (she is now 13)had taken my camera photographed all of her toys. It was very cute to see what was important to her.


Nooria said...

Makes me happy to!

Karen i hagen said...

Må bare si at jeg har lest bloggen din som anonym i godt og vel et år - og derfor aldri fått lagt inn noen kommentar (tok litt tid før jeg forsto hvordan:)

Så endelig får jeg sagt takk for all inspirasjon, farge og fryd!
Det er nydelig hos deg:)

mi-rachel said...

herlig og fargerikt!