Monday, April 26, 2010

THE FLOWmarket

I love this
I saw this exhibition some years ago in Copenhagen
I know I could need some of these

{ S M I L E }


Unknown said...

That would be great to have those tins..instant karma.

thanx for sharing


Unknown said...

Me too...
Hugs, Annaleena

mette said...

åojes! det der kunne alle og enhver trengt litt av. så kult bilde, sier så mye...

Radostina // said...

haha. great ;)
thanks for sharing.


d u n d e l i n a said...


I saw it as well, those pieces that approach serious issues in a funny way are just fantastic!

it was actually possible to buy them if i remeber right and i really wanted to have one but was dragged out of the place but an non conceptual art orientated husband!!!!

Inga said...

Jeg så samme utstilling i Danmark! Flott!

Gleder meg til å lese magasinet ditt :o)

machen und tun said...

i have been there, too!! thanks for bringing back a wonderful memory.. i got me 50ml of FLOW - and i think it even sometimes works :-)

Hazel from Hazel Loves Design said...

Just discovered your blog, I think I am in heaven! :) Hazel

julias innenwelten said...

i saw that exhibition too and i loved it. today i was thinking about a new header with a foto i took from 5KG holistic thinking.