Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I´m so happy and proud to tell you that I´m teaching at Holly Becker´s Blogging Your Way 2.0 class together with the talented Nicole Balch from Making it Lovely. Holly with her wonderful blog Decor8 has been a true inspiration for me since I started blogging, and I´m so exited about this. We´ll be having lessons that cover everything from how to make a professional-looking advertising rate sheet to photo collage tutorials and how making and publishing your own e-magazine.

If you like to read more about the class, please do here.



one/of a kind boutique said...

Jeanette, I adore your blog and read it regularly. I have your Mollie Makes calender hanging on my kitchen door for a daily dose of inspiration. I am absolutely thrilled that you are teaching on the decor8 blogging course. I am a real newbie in the blogging world and am so excited to learn more. Can't wait for it to begin Kate x


Så spennende, Jeanette !!! Go girl ;)


Unknown said...

Så gøy! ser ut som det svinger skikkelig for deg, kjempeglad på dine vegne :))

Natascha Rosenberg said...

Thanks for your comment!! Wish you the best in BYW2. I'm sure it will be great. It's a pleasure to look at your blog... it's so refreshing like a walk in the woods (which is something I love!)

Rose and Lula said...

Hi Jeanette, I wasn't sure I was ready to do the BYW 2.0 but when I saw you're teaching I jumped right in! Really looking forward to it, Micala

Cherry Blossom Blog said...

så spennende!!!
u go girl <3

amanda brooke said...

I'm smiling and can't wait to start the course next week!

Unknown said...

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