Friday, April 27, 2012


I´m all shaky
My face is one big smile

I´m one of the twelve finalists

I´ll say it again

You can see all of the finalists here
I´m so so honored to be in this lot

And if you like my photo
you can vote by sending an email to
talent 06 - Jeanette Lunde 
+ adding your name and address

or on sms to 2205 (it costs 3 kr pr sms )
write ELITALENT 06

Thank you if you do
Still like you if you don't

big smile + xoxo

{ H A P P Y H A P P Y W E E K E N D }


Lara Watson said...

Huge congrats Jeanette!

f j e l l b y ▲ said...

Jeg LIKER! Stemmer seff på deg:)

Klem L

Cyn | decyng said...

Congratulations and good luck!

tinajo said...

Wohoo - congrats! :-)

designhund said...

hurra for oss;)
så utrolig gøy!!
er litt shaky ennå...
ønsker deg masse lykke til!!
klem Tone

michele said...

woo hoo! what an honor. and how well deserved!

smiles to you.


Mariela said...

Congratulations!!, well deserved!!, have a lovely day!.

Anniken Zahl said...

Grattis, stas!! Likerlikerliker! Fiiin fredag!!


Ååå, Jeanette!! Så supergøy!! gratulerer så mye! Min stemme går til deg, vennen!!!


p.s. oppdaget mailen din tidligere i dag ( litt tillfeldig - jeg bruket sjelden/aldri den epostadr. lenger;)) ... kommer tilbake til deg etter helgen;)

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

thats great!! :) love looking through your blog for inspiration! :) have a good wknd!

Anonymous said...

Well done Jeanette!

twinkilingeyes said...

what a WONDEEERRFFULLLL news !!!! that's so exciting :)
the best of luck!

JOHANNA . today you inspired me said...

yaaay, congrats!
the photo is amazing!

Stines Hjem - Livet på landet said...

VELDIG velfortjent!!! Lykke til! Et fantastisk bilde med mye stemning!

kathryn said...

Oh Jeanette this is amazing news!
Fingers crossed that you win sweetheart
Or at least come very near the top!
And yet it is still a massive achievement to be in the final 12 isn't it!
I shall vote!! Good luck
Kathryn x

lespommettesduchat said...

Magnifique !

MiaNostalgia said...

Gratulerer, det er vel fortjent!Jeg synes du er veldig dyktig og inspirerende, og bloggen din er en av mine favorittblogger! Min stemme går til deg :-) Lykke til! Klem PS. Kan jeg spørre hvilket kamera og linse du bruker?

sandra said...


creativhochvier said...

Dear, I will vote for your nomination in ELLE. The picts - in german language said "Hut ab" means hat off (I'm not sure :-) ) .

Sunny greatings and lot of fun in Berlin
Heidrun from old Augsburg

By the way stay on your way.

Dotty-love said...

Hurra! Så digg følelse i bildet, lykke til:)

creativhochvier said...

Congratulation, Dear I'm So happy for you

Best regards

cheap cosplay costumes said...

Congratulations!Wish you good luck!

sewa elf said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

molly said...

Great pictures. I love them so much.
Lovely hugs

Tracey MacKenzie said...

I love this photo! You certainly deserve to be one of the finalists! Congratulations!!