Thursday, September 22, 2011

// T I G E R //

Our new member of the family
Soft & warm
And most of all loved
Our litle Tiger

{ M J A U U }


Hannelt said...

Heisann Jeanette! Inspirerende blogg du har og bilder du tar :)Vi har også nettopp fått et firbeint familiemedlem, en modig hannkatt på tre måneder. Jeg ser du har blitt "gårdskjerring" og Skiensjente, og da passer det vel med husdyr!

Lidyll said...

....nå ble jeg littegrann forelsket! For et herlig nytt familiemedlem hos dere! Lille tigergutt*smile*

Klem til deg

Margith said...

Hvor er han sød og nuttet :-) Tillykke med ham.

Blickwinkel said...

He is so cute!
Have a nice time with tiger! :-)

Kind regards

LoppeLiva said...

Det var en søt pus :)
Takk for inspirerende blogg!!

McMGrad89 said...

A sweet face.


Åh kjære tid for en nydelig pusekatt :O) Ble helt varm her jeg sitter!

og bilen under var smashing :O)

Nyt helga!


almondandbeans said...

soooooooooo sweet, a wonderful little boy.......

Cathrin said...

I sometimes wonder too about how people react.
But keep on living your dream. I belive in you! This is your dream, not someone elses.

Go you!!

Paula said...

So gorgeous!

Susie said...

How adorable! I'd love to have a little kitten or a bunny :)

xx Susie

MissMette said...

Så skjønn pus ღ
helledussan de
er bare skjønne ღ
Ønsker deg en fin
fredag, Jeanette :)
Stor klem fra Mette

AMM blog said...

Adorable! I want a cat. My son wants a cat too. What are we waiting for?

Bird said...

Nåmen så søt da:)

Tracey said...

very cute, we have a new kitten too, a ginger girl!! it is impossible not to fall in love with them.

Sanni said...

What a cutie!

Kitchen fitter in Faversham said...

he is gorgeous, what a lovely face!! I do have a cat as well, and he is the king of the house, totally love him.

twiggs said...

awwwe sweet!!! i hope you can all have the greatest time with your lovely furry friend! i work from home and have a 9 months-old dog, and it's the best company! :) you'll be very happy! twiggs

Eli H. said...

For en nydelig katt! :)

Frau Haselmayer said...

Awwww, so cute!!!! Hi Tiger!

We added a new kitty to our family, too, some weeks ago!

twiggs said...

oh sweet tiger!!! he is so cute!!!

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