Friday, September 30, 2011


Just popping by to wish you a wonderful weekend.
I have decided that mine is going to be.
A big sunny & happy weekend.

Yesterday I spent in Oslo.
Meetings with magazines.
Eating alone while reading Elle Decoration.
Shopping dresses.
Oh my,
the most wonderful dress.
I will show you soon.
Me & I
had such a peaceful and good day.
Such a lovely feeling.
So many exiting things happening.
I´m so glad that you are with me.
Thank you so much for all your nice comments.
It really makes my day.
You make me smile.

{ X O X O }


Unknown said...

nice to meet you! lovely blog!

Anonymous said...

du får dele litt av hva som skjer da vettu;-)
En fin helg på deg også - trope uke sies det - vi lurer på NÅR tropen skal slutte - selv om vi er veldig taknemlige på kjøligere kvelder!!!

Wenchequilts said...

Så koselig blogg- jeg titter innom hver dag!

Iris (Irideeën) said...

good for you!
x Iris

Portofritt said...

Høres deilig ut. Men jeg skulle nok ha vært der. Om ikke annet for MIN del ;) Nyt de gode følelsene. Det gjør jeg for tiden. :D

Pet said...

Beautiful poem. You've brighten my weekend too!

Inger Johanne said...

Hehe...får reinaste "tre nøtter til Askepott"-følelse her! JUL:-) Spennande tider, forstår eg! Kjekt at det går så bra å vere frilans!
God helg til deg!

lizrose30 said...

Have just found your blog through Mollie Makes, you have some beautiful ideas!!

leah of sang the bird said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Excited to see what is coming up! xxx

le petit bird said...

just have to say;

you're blog makes me smile!

thank you!

Matilda said...

Mollie makes brought me to your amazing blog :)


Unknown said...

This is just the sweetest acorn!
Kat x

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