Saturday, June 18, 2011



I took a tour

my days by posts

I new I was lucky
But suddenly I realised
how fortunate
I have been
and still are

{ S M I L E }

Having this place
to be creative

You visiting
Leaving your words
Making me smile

My own ezines
by Fryd
Your feedback still amazes me

Having wonderful words in BoligLiv
Setting tables with Maison
Showing of my homemade Christmas in Dagbladet Søndag
Having my own color at Kulør
Collaborate with KK
Oh my

And now;
a new journey starts
Today was my last day at work
Now, all by my self
Ready to do what I love

More of this,
my blog and ezines
Working as a stylist for KK
+ all the other things I do not know of yet
I´m so exited

{ J O Y & L O V E }


Supersnuppa said...

Wow, så spennende!
Jeg ser fram til å følge deg videre.
Nydelig farge hos Kulør, by the way.


McMGrad89 said...

Wonderful! We are both finishing our former careers for new ones. I will enjoy watching your success.


☆Therese said...

Så spennende !!
Lykke til!

StephieB said...

Good luck to you. Life is an adventure isn't it?! Have fun and enjoy, Stephie x

Unni Strand said...

Lykke til!

Unknown said...

Vakre bilder!
Så mye spennende du driver med!
Ønsker deg en flott helg :)

Yvestown said...

Good luck Jeanette. It's lovely, wonderful and blissful to work from home. I've been doing it the last 12 years and I'll never go back (if I don't need to). Have a lovely weekend my dear xox Y

Iris (Irideeën) said...

Well done, you already climbed up the ladder so high and I am sure you will reach the sky one day. We will keep following your path.
x Iris

Merete Hegna, Photographer said...

Vi kommer til å savne deg, Jeanette!

Eldrid said...

Du er en stor inspirasjon !!
Masse lykke til! Dine ord på papiret er også kunstverk vit det:)
Gledelig fremmtid!! spennende å følge med her inne!

Maureen said...

I love those flowers!!! Your blog is so gorgeous!

Anna at the Doll House said...

Hello Jeanette

How exciting. I can't wait to see more beautiful ideas from you.


Anonymous said...


Enjoy your new steps forward, I look forward to seeing them :)

Kelli i Kanada

linn said...

du er utruleg dyktig!

inspirerande til tusen ;)

lykke til!

gler meg til å følge deg vidare på den spanande ferden :)

Michelle York said...

Thank you for sharing your 'thoughts & sweet joy'..It is a pleasure to enter your world. Beautiful!

Unknown said...

Well, thank you for those sweet words.
And thank you for sharing your creativity with us.
I am always so uplifted in heart when I visit your space.
I am excited to see what you do next now you have so much more time to work at your passions.
Best wishes, Kat xx


Your blog is absolutely exquisite. So many beautiful and inspiring images. GORGEOUS!

Hugs from your fan in Paris xoxo

Camille @ The Wildfleur

Orla Kiely Bags for Sale said...

I like it so much!! You have wonderful ideas here!!

All the best for the life in future and enjoy it to the fullest.

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