Wednesday, May 11, 2011

F O G + J O Y

Such a lovely day
Sunshine & flowers

{ S M I L E }

I´m honored
Nominated at NIB
Though there are others far more worthy than me
I´m glad to be a part of their league

Right now my head is empty
and full
at the same time

I´m tired

Sweet dreams
Forget me not...


Ramme Alvor said...

Nydeleg!!!!og fortent!

Marivic said...

Lovely shot of nature. The color palette is so peaceful and beautiful!

Tessa said...

I love your blog. It's so calm and peaceful...
I won't forget you


elena nuez said...

por tu nominación y por esta fantástica foto!!!

JOE. D said...

today your post is exactly how i feel.
full + empty head. tired.
we are in winter weather and it is cold, cold, cold. hope your spring day brings you more energy.


I en Sving said...

Nydelige bilder :) Hodet mitt ble med en gang litt mindre tomt :)

cecilie said...

Vel fortjent.

Bloggen din er nydelig og inspirerende <3

inkala images said...

so tiny and pretty...Ingrid x

Elina said...

Vilka härliga försommarbilder!

smileull said...

Det var nydelige bilder av en nydelig blomst. Herlig kontrast!

Pikekyss said...

kjære deg, du er da mer en kvalifisert til nomineringen ♥ du er kjempe inspirerende!

Johanna Stålros said...

Så himla fina bilder!!!! Fin blogg oxå/ Johanna

StephieB said...

I saw your nomination. Congratulations - how exciting for you! You have a beautiful blog.

Happy weekend, Stephie x said...

Congratulations with your nomination.

Eldrid said...


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