Wednesday, April 27, 2011

L O V E first sight
I´m really in love

Holly Beckers first & new book

Each page is filled with stunning photos
Lovely ideas
Sweet quotes
Oh...did i say stunning photos?
A real treat
I hope and believe there will be many more

This sweet lady is such a big inspiring source
I guess I´m not the only one that love her style and words
Wish you all the best, Holly!

{ C O N G R A T U L A T I O N }


Cattle Lane said...

ahh yum. This book is gorgeous. & so is your blog!

ReVinyl said...

Nydelig! Begynner nesten å sikle her jeg...hi...hi...Denne må jeg sjekk ut! Fin uke te dæ! :)

Marte said...

Åh, gleder meg - bestilte i dag:)!

gbf said...

oh wow - looks fabulous. i will have a proper look now that you have brought it to my attention! thanks dayle

Janne - Purple Button said...

Å ja det var fint! Takk for at du viser det.. Ha en fin torsdag!


Jätte fin bok! Den ska jag önska mig i födelsedagspresent! :-)

Lidyll said...

Åh, for en nydelig bok! Tusen takk for tips*smile*

...du, må bare si at du fortjener litt ros og skryt for bloggen din altså! Det er så mye fint her, masse inspirasjon og en veldig god stemining-en glede og titte innom!*smile*

Ønsker deg en flott dag!
Klem fra meg

serena said...

i,m going to quickly order it, it looks great...
i love coming by here, your photos are just beaauuutttiiiful!

decor8 said...

I can't believe! I came here on the 1st of May to start my month off on a beautiful note. And then, there I see, my book on YOUR blog. I am honored, flattered and completely happy. Thank you so much - thank you, thank you! xooxox

Girly Notes said...

I'm a fan of her blog ,and I found your blog so randomly and I'm in ;ove with it now :))

leslie said...

Hello, seeing my daughter's room on your blog today makes me smile. Thank you! :)

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