Wednesday, November 10, 2010

{ N O R T H * S O U T H }

Two girls
Up North
One cabin
Good food
Some wine
From down under

Such a peaceful & lovely weekend
My first alone in half a year
Forgot how good it feels to sleep
But still
Missed them like crazy
That´s true mommy-love

{ L O V E }


Portofritt said...


Victoria said...

True mommy love indeed! I had my first weekend away this summer and missed them just as much as I adored the rest.

fromblank said...

looks like a cosy place! hope you had a great weekend off!


Amanda Thorson said...

sleep sounds wonderful.

Avdelingen said...

It is iportant to have time off to rember that you also have other titles but mummy.

Allison said...

haha! I love that you are drinking banrock station, its my old faithful. I am from South Australia where that wine is made :)