Sunday, September 26, 2010

{ S E L I N A L A K E }

Remember I won
The wonderful book

- R O M A N T I C   S T Y L E -

by Selina Lake
If you like a bit of romance in your interior
This is the book for you
I love the style,
the colors,
the photos,
the ideas

Thank you Selina
{ L O V E }


Miss Giny said...

Go ! I order it now ! ^^
So cute ! :)

Divas and dreams photography blog said...

This book looks absolutely wonderful!!!

Happy sunday


Louie said...

Lucky you! Lucky you!
It looks so wonderful. I love all the florals and girliness in it all - if only I could persuade my husband to love it too (Luckily I have 2 girls I can floralise their bedroom with this style ;-)

Stine said...

Den så veldig fin ut!!! Nydelig blanding av farger og romantikk :)

Ha en fin kveld!
Klem fra Stine

wholesale Burberry Handbags said...
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SOFIA said...


annette said...

Looks like a beautiful book full of inspiration.

barbara said...

Looks adorable ...
(must add to wish list!)

Dronning Maud said...

For en helt fantastisk nydelig blogg!!Helt ny for meg.Fant deg hos Lena:)

Karma said...

Herlig bok! Og fine bilder du har! Legger meg til som følger med en gang jeg:)

Klem Kaja:)

Haust said...

Ser ut som ei "MÅ HA-bok"!!!

God onsdag! :)

Sara said...

very beautiful blog!!! so sweet & elegance!!
I will follow you..

Anonymous said...

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