Wednesday, September 8, 2010

{ H A R M O N Y}

Usually I do not post twice
But today I had to
I´m dizzy
The patterns
The colors

So here´s some peace from the weekend

{ S M I L E }


McMGrad89 said...

Definitely more peaceful. Thank you. :-)

Kristin Kreativius said...

uh. Ja, en blir en smule svimmel. Har blogget om dette huset selv. Hørte på lokalnyhetene at det hadde vært stor pågang på visningene. Men de fleste kom bare for å 'se med egne øyne'... :D De har virkelig gjort seg flid meg tapetseringen. Tror forresten det er et dødsbo.

Ser ut som dere hadde en deilig helg!

Ha en fin dag:)

n i n a s hjem said...

Så fine bilder :)

Blickwinkel said...

A beautyful place!
have a nice day!

Annette said...

Gorgeous photographs! Very serene and peaceful indeed.

Sara said...

Det ser dejligt ud!♥

Krabbelure said...

Herlig! Ser ut som om vi brukte helga til omtrent det samme. Hvis du sjekker ut hos meg, ser du min helg...:)

Carina Dale said...

Fantastisk stemningsfulle bilder!

geri said...

you have a beautiful family. you must feel very blessed.
i have been swooning over your coffee table post. what an eye you have for taking pictures. from the looks of all the comments, i am not alone. just beautiful. the candies next to the china is a yummy combination!
what is the name of that china? is it vintage?
just love love love.....

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I am dizzy with all the harmony and beauty too. Thank you for posting twice. xx

Hausfrau said...

Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful By Fryd magazine!

Pauliina said...

Vad kan man säga mer än

Unknown said...

That river and trees photo is one of the most peaceful and beautiful places I've seen on a blog!
Thankyou for sharing the beauty,it's touched me tonight,
kat x

Maaike said...

Yes, I understand the over 900 followers.
You're blog is absolutely wonderful.
I'll be next!


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