Friday, September 17, 2010

* * * * *

Thank you so much for voting for me
I won
My bedroom won
Thanks to you!!

{ S M I L E }

Thank you NIB
For doing this

Thank you Linneas Hage
For the first price
A Jielde Signal lamp
So so nice!

I can´t wait for it to light up my desk

{ L O V E }


Linnea´s Hage said...

Gratulerer med seieren! Lampen din blir sendt på mandag. Er sikker på at du har en fin plass til den.
God weekend til deg! Nina

vigdis* said...

*gratulerer med seieren! nydelig soverom og nydelig blogg du har* og nydelig lampe du har vunnet - heldiggrisen* vigdis

Ifra Lahell said...

Den kommer til å passe perfekt inn hos deg også Jeanette:) Herlige bilder av Fjeldborgen under her. Gleder meg til neste utgave. God helg til deg:)

Klem Ifra Lahell

liza said...

Congratulations! You deserve it.

Elizabet Stilig hjem said...

Gratulerer med seieren!

Klem Elizabet

victoria (huset i byen) said...

Gratulerer masse igjen ;)

Louie said...

YAY for you!!!! Congrats!!! You have such lovely rooms and your bedroom is just divine.

Hasigamas mamma said...

Gratulerer! Du har et nydelig soverom :)
Elsker lampa, så er litt misunnelig.. hi hi....
Ha ei flott helg!

Anonymous said...

Yay, Jeanette....that's so exciting!!! I don't think my bedroom would win any contests. lol. Enjoy your weekend, lovely lady. :)

Allis i Eventyrland said...

Gratulerer så mye! :) Soverommet ditt var kjempefint!

Signe said...

Yay, grattis :)

Martina said...

Hey Fryd, nice meeting and finding your lovely place here! Congrats, i'm sure your bedroom deserves winning ;)

Indie.Tea said...


Joan said...

Oh I'm so glad I helped! But it is deserved.

Pia said...

Gratulerer så mye!

Mollie said...

Så heldig du er! Utrolig fine lamper det der.....legger meg til som følger av den kjempefine bloggen din :-)

Diana said...


maryalice said...

wow! that's fantastic. i'm so happy you won. i voted for you and was glad you asked us to vote. i looked at all the bedrooms and voted for yours because it truly was my favorite! enjoy your new lamp.

Hanne said...


Traveling Mama said...

Congrats! I knew you were going to win! :-) Hugs from Copenhagen!

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