Friday, August 13, 2010


My grandma´s old desk
That my dear grandpa once made
Now, Mathea´s
The top is to open
I have a plan with this wonderful wallpaper

{ S M I L E }

All day long
Polly Pocket
Living in this sweet pink house
Together with PetShop
& other small toys

{ P I N K L O V E }


birdie blue said...

pretty, pretty pictures. my girls have some of the same toys. love your site.

have the loveliest weekend

Marianne With Nor said...

Åh for et HERLIG jenterom!!!!
Du er så flink:)

Ha en fin helg!

Klem Marianne

Tonia Lee Smith said...

Yes, I agree this is girly room

Kristy said...

Ooh I love this!

Skjerstad said...

Så heldig jenta di er !:)Fint rom .Den som hadde vært ei lita jente igjen ;)

Ønsker deg ei super helg :)

Lavender Playground said...

What a pretty room, she's a lucky little girl.

PillePalle said...

Bare digger sånne bilder som vises her inne. Knallfine!
Hilsen fra PiPa


For et nydelig rom! Og bildene du har tatt er bare helt fantastiske <3

God helg til deg!
klem Nina

betty jo said...

I adore your blog, photos, and the beautiful colors you capture. ♥

Jorid + NOE Blog said...

Fantastisk! :-))

Ha en fin helg!
Klem Jorid

Elizabrh said...

Your daughter' room is beautiful!

- Elizabeth

Pinecone Camp said...

How fun! I love this post, it's made my Friday. Thanks!
Have a lovely weekend.

lott@ said...

Veldig skjønt rom og fine lekemiljøer. Me like your blogg!

thea.e said...

Nydelig jenterom. Du tar noen herlige bilder. :)God helg til deg. HIlsen POlly

Nattie said...

awww... such a pretty fabric and heart the doll house! thanks for sharing!

barbara said...

I absolutely love the wallpaper you have chosen! so fresh ...

Sanne said...

Åh, likte innlegget ditt :) Herlig.

svimelaura said...

Pretty pictures, gorgeous site! Love to see what yo're up to on your blog:-)

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

My daughter has the same toys. I shall show her this beautiful room tomorrow. xx

Anonymous said...

I just looked through your entire blog and it inspired me so! Your work and photos are soo gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

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