Monday, July 5, 2010


We are getting bigger
Not the family
The house

More rooms
Safe staircase
I´ve falled down the old one
Fainted both times
How clumsy

That means that the hall is getting larger
Can´t wait
Proper wardrobe for all our jackets and shoes

I´ll show you more
When more is done

Have a wonderful day

{ LOVE }


jules @ The Diversion Project said...

lucky you - i wish this was happening at my house!

best of luck, hope everything goes fabulously well! jules : )

McMGrad89 said...

How exciting for you! We were going to do the same before we found out my husband was having to move to a new job in another state. Enjoy.

Hege said...

Spennende prosjekt dere holder på med, gleder meg til å se utviklingen :-)

Valerie said...

Good Morning from southern Manitoba, Canada...just wanted to pop in to say how much I LOVE your blog!! Look forward each day to your new entries! Cheers, Valerie.


Så spennende! Jeg venter i spenning på fortsettelsen...

Ønsker deg en GLAD mandag.
klem Nina

Anonymous said...
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