Friday, July 2, 2010


Or should I say Ving-summer

{ S M I L E }

The whole family
My Mom & Dad invited my sister and myself,
with husband and kids to Turkey
A warm wonderful country
A bit of Europe
A bit of Asia

Days by the pool
Big family dinners every day
Great shows to late night

A trip to Side and Apollo Temple
Mathea who now knows how to read did her job

{ S M I L E }

Now, home again
And it´s summer!!
Warm & sunny summer
(we are not spoiled with that here in Norway)
Lucky me
I´m a teacher
7 weeks off



McMGrad89 said...

Yes, teaching is wonderful. Looks like a great trip.

I will wave as we fly over you. Maybe you will see me.

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

What wonderful photos!
Have a nice summer weekend,

Unknown said...


Nydelige bilder du viser.
Alma har jo blitt så stor :)
Ferie... Det er etterlengtet her i gården, men vi får vente til neste år. Da har vi tid... ;)

Silje :)

s h i n e d e s i g n said...

Det så helt herlig ut!! Og så deilig å få litt sommer her hjemme også :-)

Traveling Mama said...

How absolutely AMAZING! So happy for you! Enjoy your sweet summer days!

Unknown said...

Så härligt det låter! have fun!
kram Annaleena

wood & wool stool said...

Your holiday looks so great and really summer!

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

Looks lovely! And I love your outfit... I may just have to copy it!

BirSen said...

Wonderful fotos! ;)

Anonymous said...
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rainforest said...

As a Turkish follower of your lovely blog I enjoyed your post about my beautiful country...your blog is just lovely and inspirational... :) with love from Turkey...İlke