Thursday, February 2, 2012

// L O N G I N G //

.... for this



Igor Josifovic said...

These two pics really send a happy message! Love the pop of colour!

call me debbie said...

i just love the feeling of toe fingers in the sand! It's the biggest bliss of being to the sea! This feeling of giggling, this of the warm sand, i could stand like this for hours! Oh i miss this, thanks for reminding me that!!

(New blog needing some love and support:

a jane day. said...

very sweet photos! Have a great weekend! Jx

tinajo said...

Me too!! :-)

Elina said...


NIB said...

Jeg også! God helg til vakre deg! :)


Kaspara said...

Vakker collage, Jeantte i en av mine desiderte yndlingsfarger!
Glad helg til deg og det går mot lysere tider!
Klem fra Kaspara

HeppieHermpie said...

With love, Herma



Thank you for the inspiration, i'm your new follower!

Lots of LOVE from switzerland
Jacqueline ♡

anakleta said...

I love your blog, the colors and the serenity that transmits.
This week I put a link on my little blog.
Your colors inspire me. Thanks

ana♥ from Spain

Unknown said...

I do love that lilac colour - seem drawn to lilac just now.
And the embroidery is beautiful.
Kat x

Zickimicki said...

I really like your blog!
Greetings from Germany ♥

Labor Posters said...

Nice and sweet as well as the violet colors and when i see that picture i was thinking the flowers are related to the soil and it seems that they are connected.

min tekopp said...

Å ja, jag med!!! Längtar, längtar, längtar!!

Deniz said...

i am sure you are! sending you lots of sunshine and love from summer! (just come visit us!)

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