Saturday, May 28, 2011

S I L E N C E + L U C K Y

You know when you meet someone
and you get happy
Such a good feeling

I´m so lucky
I did

Two most wonderful ladies
Came to my house
I hope I meet them again
I really do

it is silance

Sweet silence
And the house is tidy

{ L O V E }


Elina said...

oh, lovely lovely pictures!!!

Pet said...

Beautiful thoughts.

Anonymous said...

beautiful post!

Enjoy your Sunday ;-)

Lidyll said...

Nyyydelige bilder*smile*
...somm ALLTID! Flinke*smil*

..hatt besøk ja gitt...så stas! *smile*

ønsker deg en flott ny uke*smile*

found and sewn said...

beautiful photos and very pink!

Spill kit said...

What a lovely flowers. And you also shared a wonderful thoughts with it. Good to share with us.

Cathrin said...

oj, oj, så nydelege bileter! har du teke dei?? :)